1.Write a code to generate band name from user input:

A=(input("enetr Your Home Town:"))
B=(input("Enter your pet name:"))
print(f"Your band name could be {A} {B} !")

In the above code the concept of F string is most important

2.print("Hello" + " " +"Angela")

The above program signifies that

3.Debugg Error code:
print("Day 1- String Manipulation"
    '\nString Concatenation is done with the "+" sign.'
        '\ne.g. print("Hello " + "world")'
    "\nNew lines can be created with a backslash and n.")

4.Input Function-This is used when we have to give data from keyboard.
Syntax is input("enter data inside/here")
print("Hello "  + input("what is your name?") + "!")
To comment it out ctrl+forward slash

5.WAP to print the number of digit in your name using input command from user
print(len(input("what is your name?")))

6.Python Variables
WAP to switch the value of two numbers:
a=input("Enter a ")
b=input("Enter b ")

6.Naming a variable-
A.Our Code should be readbale
  B.Numeric should not be coming in begining

Project For Day-01
Band Name Generator

print("Welcome To Band Name Geneator Project")
city=input("Which city do you live?\n")
Pet=input("What is your pet name?\n")

print("Your band name could be " + city + Pet )

Have a Good Day!



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