Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2020

Hello Welcome to my blog! Following these Articles one can be easily access their career to data science.As Data Science is dynamic field and it comprises stats,programming and maths to be efficient and create a milestone in this particular field.Moving further in this fiels Domain Knowledge also plays an important role where you would be making strategic descions.

Just Moving beyond Data Science here is the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies:

The below  ranking has been done taking 4 major parametrs like:

  • Global Mindshare-The number of votes from all innovation executives.
  • Value Creation-Total share return.
  • Industry Disruption-A diversity index to measure votes across industries.
  • Industry Peer review-The number of votes from executives in a company's industry.
The major Industries/company which are being taken into consideration are in below chart:

  1. Apple
  2. Alphabet
  3. Amazon
  4. Microsoft
  5. Samsung
  6. Huawei
  8. IBM
  9. Sony
  10. Facebook
  11. Tesla
  12. Cisco
  13. Walmart
  14. Tencent
  15. hp
  16. Nike
  17. Netflix
  18. LG Electronics
  19. Intel
  20. Dell
  21. Siemens
  22. Target
  23. Philips
  24. mi
  25. Oracle
  26. Johnson & Johnson
  27. SAP
  28. addidas
  29. Hitatchi
  30. Costco
  32. Volkswagen
  33. Bosch
  34. Airbus
  35. Salesforce
  36. JP Morgan Chase
  37. Uber
  38. Bayer
  39. P&G
  40. Shell
  41. Toyota
  42. Nestle
  43. ABB
  44. 3M
  45. Unilever
  46. FCA
  47. Novartis
  48. CocaCola
  49. Volvo
  50. Mcdonalds

Beside the above ranking here are some of the most interesting facts:
  • In 2019 Huawei invested 19billion USD on R&D 
  • In 2020 Walmart launched next date delivery to more than 75% of the US Population
  • 50% of the compnies listed are headquarted in US
  • This CocaCola's fifth year appearing on the list after 5 year hiatus
Disclaimer:This chart looks at the top 50 most innovative companies in 2020, based on a survey by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) & Visual Capital 


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