Top 5 Best Books For Python,Data Science & Machine Learning

Here Are the Top 5 best books that every Data Scientist/ML Engineer must read.

  1. Python for Data Science by Wes McKinney
    • Starts with basic python
    • Introduces Data Analysis
    • Get in Detail of every NumPy and Pandas aspect
    • Best for Data Science Beginners

  1. Hands -On Machine Learning With Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow by Aurelien Geron
    • Use Scikit Learn to track an example Machine Learning project end to end
    • Explore Machine Learning Landscape,particularly neural nets
    • Apply practical code examples without acquiring excessive  machine learning theory or Algorithm details
    • Demerits- Mathematics Not explained in good manner
o   This is book is a kind of philosophy
o   Those who want to make a string grip on the subject ML & AI
o   Very good resource on data collection & utilising the power of deep end to end learning.
o   How to use practically to apply theory

o   Author is from Microsoft and works in Microsoft Research Cambridge
o   More focus on Probability and Mathematics & Depth Implementation
o   It describes how Machine Learning Algorithms work in depth and detail.
o   Demerits-Goes into much depth may be have feeling that leads to boring but all the way it is best book.
o   Python implementation is not in this book
o   Bible of Algorithms
o   It is one of the best book for efficient & effective Algorithm
o   Covers Data Structure & Advance Algorithms
o   The book sold Half a million copies during its first 20 years

So lets start the Reading All the best  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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