How To Start A BLOG

How To start a blogIn this Article we would be discussing the  basic concepts relating website/blog creation and various tools so that our created blog/website could be as source of revenue generation in coming future.

In this our discussion would totally independent of the topic selection as you can choose any topic of your interest like food,Guitar,Technology,Social Issuese etc.

However I would strongly suggest that Starting a blog or doing digital marketing is not something that which you can do just by watching the videos or reading articles.One has to be actively engage in it and should start making blog side by side so that whatever learning one has done it can be used in real time scnerio.

Now first there are few important Terminologies which have to be understood by us in depth.

  • Domain
  • Hosting Services
  • Paid Hosting or Free  Hosting
Domin Name

Domain name is your website name.It is the name by which internet user can acess your website.For understanding.We can correlate it by a real life example like purchasing  a plot in a colony to construct our dream house.

Here few of the terms would be cleared like if you want to purchase a plot you will be making it register in Registrar office of  your District.
So here the process  of  making registry can be  correlated with Domain Registration.

The various types of Domain that are commonly available in the market are:

  • .in
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • others
Among them .in   is being used for targetting traffic from india and .com used across global level.

Web Hosting

Now after the registration of Domain we have to build the website and that would be contaning files and folders which can be acess at any time anywhere.And these files are being rented over server at a prticular location.
Now going back to our example plot to build a house can be related to web hosting where we will be building our dream house in future.Once the house build it will be permanent.Only thing we have to give is House tax  and this can be further related to renewal of our hosting service on time to time basis.

  • Taking a hosting serveice is like we are purchasing a space on server

Server For Hosting

Types Of Hosting

There are different types of hosting and they are descibed  below:
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
we would  discussing each in deatil:

Shared Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting is a type of hosting which allows multiple web hosting on a single physical serevr.
  • It allows multiple websites to use a single server
  • It is the cheapest
  • Taking a hosting serveice is like we are purchasing a space on server
  • This can be well expaling by flat sharing in the metro cities by bachleors
Cloud Hosting

  • It provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.
  • Reliability & Acessibility,Seamless Scalability & Cost Efficiency.
  • Better for websites who are well established and driving more traffic.It is costly as well.
Dedicated Hosting
  • Dedicated hostig is one in which a single  physical server is being used for one business entity(single owner).
  • Need one perso to manage the server.
  • Extremley fast and can handle large anount of traffic
  • Not suitable for blogger or website rather it is for big companies that drive millions of traffic.
  • Examples:Facebook,Instagram.

Paid Hosting Vs Free Hosting:

There is often quite debate among the beginers that which one to take paid or free one or something like whichone would be better for their use.
So herecomes detail analysis of Paid Vs Free Hosting:

Free Hosting Paid Hosting
Hidden Fees is being there 24X7 custome support is there
Limited Server space Unlimited Bandwidth free space and free email id.
Unstable Performance The cost which is being generated in a year is higher than the fees paid for Annual subscription
No technical support Free 1 click installation of wordPress
Nothing good is free in this world Money Back Gurantee*

It is recommended that paid hosting must given preferenace in long time investment.As in the journey of blogging & digital marketing this would be eventually let you manny benefits.

Companies which I recomend for Hosting are:

    1. Siteground
    2. Hostgator

Thanks you so much for giving your precious time.My next post would be on "How to make your blog like a professional" & "Mistakes To Avoid while makking blog".


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