Python Beginers@Day1


  • Python has 33 Keywords/Reserved words
  • Python is Dynamically type Programing Rest other languaage is Static Type like we have to declare the data type in starting but in case of python such thing is not required.
  • In python Keywords out of 33 keywords there are only 3 keywords which are written capital-True,
  • Data Types Available In Python(inbuilt)
    • Int type
    • Float type
    • Complex
    • Bool type
    • Str
    • List
    • Tupple-What is the differece between List & Tupple?
    • Set
    • Set Frozen
    • Bytes
    • ByteArray
    • Range
    • None
    • dict
  • Rules for writting Indentifiers
    • Digits can not be written in starting like 123cash will produce error
    • A-Z,a-z,0-9,- only these four types are being permitted only for python identifiers.
    • PVM is defined as Python Virtual Machine for using pytho codes with all language.
    • Python has 11 featues like
      • Portability
      • Dynamic Type
      • Platform Independent
      • Freeware & Open Resource
      • High Level Language
      • Object oriented & Procedure Oriented


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